maul.esel - coding projects

On this little homepage I'll post some experiences I make in programming, mainly in AutoHotkey, C# and PHP.

my short coding history

I started programming in late 2010, with the great AutoHotkey scripting language. I did not use it a lot for hotkeys and automation, its typical uses. Instead I was more interested in developing libraries, mostly using some Windows API. Starting with "regular" functions, like the DWM thumbnail API, I moved on to the fantastic and various topics of COM.

Thanks to Steve Gray / Lexikos and his AutoHotkey_L custom build, there's already a great integration of COM: using script objects, scripters can call any IDispatch interface. However, there's more than just IDispatch: After investigating a bit, and with great help from Lexikos and other community members, I got around how to call those interfaces' methods. This is when the COM Classes Project was born.

Following the IronAHK project and some of its contributors in the forums, namely IsNull and RaptorOne, I got in touch with C#. Curious as I am (sometimes ;-), I started looking into it. The online book guide to Csharp lead me into the right direction. As I like learning by doing, I started by translating my current AutoHotkey project, called "AHK.ScriptsMan", into C#. This thing has developed a lot since that time and is now called ChameleonCoder.

Over time, I also got in web development. I know HTML and CSS, basic Javascript and more and more PHP. I'm developing a website for AutoHotkey users called