Useful tools: AutoHotkey editors

Useful tools

Throughout this book, we will have a short look at some useful tools & scripts for developing AutoHotkey. This might not interest you now if you’re just starting with AutoHotkey, scripting and programming. In this case, just skip these posts. You might want to check them out later when writing large scripts.

AutoHotkey editors

You can, as mentioned when writing your first script, use any editor for AutoHotkey. Windows Notepad will do the job. This is what you need.

However, you might not want to do so. You can have a lot more comfort with other editors. Some are presented here.


The most popular editor is Scite4AutoHotkey, which is almost a real full-blown IDE for AutoHotkey. It is based on Scite, but has a lot of custom additions, including of course syntax highlighting for AutoHotkey, and many tools presented in this series are already integrated.


Notepad++ can highlight AutoHotkey syntax and do code folding with the plugin presented in this forum-thread.


Notepad2-mod has added syntax highlighting support for AutoHotkey (and other languages).

IDE projects

There are several aborted and still existing IDE projects in the forums, among those AHKIDE (aborted), Ahk_Ide_v3 (aborted), SmartDevelop and ChameleonCoder + AHKModule.